High Fashion in Central Park, 1875

Fashion Bethesda Terrace

1875 fashion plate set at Bethesda Terrace, from Godey's Lady's Book. The magazine was published in Philadelphia, which explains the inaccuracies: the scale of the Terrace is much smaller than it should be, and the statue of the Falconer (dedicated 1875) that appears at the upper right is actually quite a distance to the west of the Terrace, near Daniel Webster.

Bethesda Terrace Mould or Prevost

Actual size: the top of the pillar near the center of the Godey's plate is well above the height of a man in a top hat. This dapper gentleman is either Jacob Wrey Mould, who did much of the relief decoration on Bethesda Terrace, or Victor Prevost, who shot some fabulous pics of Central Park in 1862.

Fashion on the Mall, Central Park

Another 1875 fasion plate, this one at the arbor near the Mall in Central Park. In 1875 the trees on the park were barely a decade old - hence the lack of shade.