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Edvard Grieg (6/15/1843-9/4/1907), one of the leading composers of the Romantic era, was known for his use of Norwegian folk music in his compositions. Among his most famous works is the incidental music for the drama Peer Gynt, by Grieg's compatriot Henrik Ibsen. "In the Hall of the Mountain King" is played when Peer Gynt is being taunted by trolls in Act 2.

I always find Ibsen thought provoking, even when I disagree with him. Two excerpts from Act 2, the Troll speaking to Peer Gynt:

If we're of one mind as to manners and costume,
You're free to believe what would give us the horrors.

Out yonder
Under the skies men have a common saying:
"Man, to thyself be true!" But here, 'mongst Trolls,
"Troll, to thyself be - enough!" it runs.

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