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Release date: 7/11/14 via Amazon, for Android devices and Kindle Fire

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These are the video segments on YouTube. The full app also has GPS, maps, directions, and a link to a page on this website with further information. More info at Preview and Help.


About the app

Monuments of Manhattan is a videoguide app for phones and tablets. In a series of 4-minute videos, we introduce 55 of the most beautiful and/or intriguing sculptures that stand outdoors in Manhattan. The visuals include many views of the sculpture plus archival images, maps, and animations. Orchestral music composed just for this app sets the mood. GPS tells you which sculptures are nearby. HopStop tells you how to reach them. We conceived the app for tourists visiting the sculptures, but it’s self-contained: you can be entertained and inspired anywhere, anytime.

Monuments of Manhattan is based on Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan: A Historical Guide, which Sam Roberts in the New York Times called “the perfect walking tour accompaniment to help New Yorkers and visitors find, identify, and better appreciate statues famous and obscure.” (See more reviews here.)

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Sculptures include icons such as the Statue of Liberty, Charging Bull, and the Atlas at Rockefeller Center; portraits of explorers, inventors, businessmen, an architect, a composer, an engineer, 3 medieval warriors, 2 South American revolutionaries, and many more. See the complete list here.

The total video running time is about 3 hours. The videos are downloaded to your device, so there are no issues with streaming or Internet connections. Ciné-Brio technology assures they will play with the best available technology, now and for years to come.

Guides Who Know

Monuments of Manhattan is the first in a series of videoguides by Guides Who Know: Videoguides as they can and ought to be.

The oh-so-creative team for the Monuments of Manhattan app includes Dianne Durante, creator of the Forgotten Delights website, lecturer, tour guide, and author of Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan and other books; Richard Gleaves, winner of BMI’s Harrington Award for Outstanding Creative Achievement and author of the Jason Crane series, who’s responsible for the video and music; and Adam Reed, professor of Information Systems at Cal State LA, who’s responsible for software and production.

What devices run the app?

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