Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch

Soldiers Sailors whole

The Chariot, the Soldiers, and the Sailors

The main sculptures - chariot on top, high reliefs on either side - are by Frederick MacMonnies, who sculpted Nathan Hale in Manhattan, and in near the Arch and Prospect Park, the Horse Tamers, Stranahan, and Slocum.

Soldiers' Sailors' chariot

Above: MacMonnies' chariot, on the top of the arch

Soldiers' Sailors' chariot back

Above: MacMonnies' chariot, from the north

Soldiers' Sailors' Soldiers

Above: MacMonnies' relief of soldiers, from the left side of the Arch

Soldiers' Sailors' Sailors

Above: MacMonnies' relief of sailors, from the right side of the Arch

Sculptures by Eakins

The reliefs on the inside of the Arch are the only sculptures in New York by Thomas Eakins, who's most famous as a painter - notably of The Gross Clinic.

Soldiers' Sailors' Lincoln relief

Above: Lincoln on horseback, by Thomas Eakins

Soldiers' Sailors' Grant

Above: General Grant on horseback, by Thomas Eakins