Upcoming Tours

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Past Tours

Sunday April 6, 2014: Jagiello to Sherman

The tour covered just over a mile, starting with Jagiello, moving on to the Loeb Fountain, Alice in Wonderland, Fitz-Green Halleck, and Shakespeare, and ending at the southeast corner of Central Park, with the Pulitzer Fountain and the beautifully refurbished Sherman. We talked about the Godmother of American Children, the stampede at the Halleck dedication, and why Sherman would have hated having to stare for eternity at the Pulitzer Fountain.

Thanks as always to the volunteers who did the readings. The readings are posted here.

Three of the sculptures on this tour - Jagiello, Shakespeare, and Sherman -are in Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan and will be in the forthcoming Monuments of Manhattan videoguide (preview here, further details here).

Sunday December 8, 2013: Sims to Straus

The tour covered 1.6 miles, from Dr. Sims (Fifth Avenue at 103rd St.) via the Burnett Fountain and Untermyer Fountain to Duke Ellington and Frederick Douglass (both Central Park North), ending at the Straus Memorial (Broadway at 106th St.).

Thanks to all the volunteers who did readings. The readings are posted here.

A Kindle book based on part of this tour is now available. Dr. J. Marion Sims, with Notes on New York's Sculpture of Sims is an essay on the controversial "Father of Gynecology," with archival photos and photos of the sculptures of Sims at Fifth Ave. and 103rd St., Manhattan.