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Art History through Innovators: Sculpture (originally a series of essays on is now available as Innovators in Sculpture on Kindle.

A note on reproductions: Small-scale reproductions of sculpture are still (2015) done by hand, so you should expect some variation in proportions and in detail from the original. When 3-D scanning and printing comes into use, the quality of reproductions will improve dramatically.

Meanwhile, before you order any reproduction, try to look at photos from several angles and compare them to the original, or photos of the original.

Part 1 (Introduction)

Frishmuth, The Vine

Michelangelo, David

Part 2 (Size matters)

Hatshepsut in a Devotional Attitude

The MMA sponsored the excavations at Deir El-Bahri where this sculpture and others were found: brief history here.

Part 3 (Look at those abs!)

New York Kouros

Kroisos Kouros (Kouros from Anavyssos)

On Greek art in general, the standard text for a long time was Gisela Richter's Handbook of Greek Art, which was published way back in 1959. It has tons of photos (more than you'll find in any other non-coffee-table book), taken from good angles and with decent lighting. On the other hand, all the photos are black and white, the quality of the printing isn't high - at least by today's standards - and the text is rather dry. Gisela doesn't express excitement, even at wondrous innovations.

Parts 4a & 4b (kohn-tra-POS-toh)

Polycleitus, Fillet-Tier (Diadoumenos)

Polycleitus, Spear-Bearer (Doryphoros)

Zeus of Artemisium

Pheidias, Wounded Amazon

Riace Warriors

Charioteer from Delphi

Part 5 (Out of the box)

Praxiteles, Hermes with Infant Dionysus

Praxiteles, Apollo Sauroktonos (Apollo the Lizard-Slayer)

Praxiteles (school of), Marathon Boy

Lysippus, Apoxyomenos

Lysippus (possibly), Agias - one of my favorites

Part 6 (Once more, with feeling)

Fallen Warrior from Temple of Aphaia at Aegina, ca. 480 BC: giclee, 24x18 inches

Seer from Temple of Zeus at Olympia, 460s BC: can't find an image for sale

Bonus: Nike of Paionios, one of my all-time favorite Greek sculptures

Dying Niobid, ca. 440 BC: giclee, 18x24 inches

Scopas, Pothos (Longing), 4th c. BC

Scopas, Tegea head, ca. 340

Laocoon Group, 1st c. BC

Part 7 (Details, details)

Lysippus (attributed to), Aristotle

Seated bronze boxer (was on loan to the Metropolitan Museum a year or so ago): giclee, 18 x24 inches

Bronze head of a philosopher, from Antikythera: giclee, 16x24 inches

Bronze head of a man, from Delos: giclee, 16x24 inches



Sleeping Eros: giclee, 24x18 inches (cropped a bit too close, but still adorable)

Dying Gaul: giclee, 16x12 inches

Apollo Belvedere

Horse & jockey from Artemisium

Part 8 (Putting it together)

Bronze statuette of a dancer

Trajan's Column

Part 9 (Into the darkness & out with a blaze of genius)

Favorite books on Donatello (the AHI essay barely scratches the surface):

And here's the usual list of images available for purchase.

Donatello, Pazzi Madonna: not found

Donatello, St. John the Evangelist

Donatello, St. George

Donatello, Herod's Feast: bronze not found

Donatello, Mary Magdalen

Donatello, David (marble)

Donatello, David (bronze)

Andrea Della Robbia, Madonna & Child

Antonio Rossellino, Madonna & Child

Mino da Fiesole, Madonna & Child: none found

Part 10 (Michelangelo)

If the works are illustrated in Part 10 but not listed below, it means I couldn't find good prints or posters in my usual sources.

Readable scholarly bio with some illustrations: Howard Hibbard, Michelangelo

Michelangelo, Pieta

Michelangelo, David

Michelangelo, Moses

Michelangelo, Rebellious Slave

Michelangelo, Dying Slave

Michelangelo, Rondanini Pieta

Michelangelo, sketch of Vittoria Colonna

Giambologna, Rape of the Sabine Women

Verrocchio, David

Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper

Raphael, Madonna of the Meadow

Raphael, School of Athens

Part 11 (Bernini, the wow factor)

Cornaro Chapel

Bust of Costanza Bonarelli

Part 12 (Conclusion)

Canova, Perseus with the Head of Medusa

Carpeaux, Ugolino

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