Chelsea Park Memorial

Chelsea Park Memorial

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September 26, 1918: beginning of the Meuse-Argonne offensive

The Meuse-Argonne offensive in northeastern France (between the Meuse River and the Argonne forest) began September 26, 1918, and continued until November 11, when the Armistice was signed. With some 600,000 American troops involved, it was the largest U.S. military action during the First World War, and the Americans took heavy casualties - 26,277 killed, 95,786 wounded.

During this offensive, on October 8, Corporal Alvin York (known in his native Tennessee as a hell-raiser, a pacifist, and an extraordinarily good marksman) was credited with almost single-handedly killing about 25 German soldiers, taking out 3 machine guns and capturing 132 German prisoners. He received the Congressional Medal of Honor and became the best-known American hero of World War I.

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