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About Monuments of Manhattan

Guides Who Know™ (a division of Ciné!Brīo™ Technologies) is proud to present the mobile videoguide version of Dianne Durante's Outdoor Monuments of Manhattan, the book hailed by the New York Times as "a perfect walking-tour accompaniment to help New Yorkers and visitors find, identify and better appreciate statues famous and obscure." Dianne narrates over 100 short videos, each one an individually crafted gem of archival photos and maps supplemented with original music and animations. The videos bring art and history to life with infectious enthusiasm. Using GPS or push-button directions, it’s easy to find these monuments so you can hear their stories on the spot and face to face.

Explore the stories behind some of the most fascinating artworks in the city, from the Statue of Liberty to Wall Street's Charging Bull. Meet unforgettable characters, from George Washington to Gertrude Stein and from Dr. Marion Sims, “Father of Gynecology,” to Jagiello, King of Poland. The preview [] includes episodes on the Statue of Liberty, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Charging Bull, and the Straus Memorial.

Quick install of the Preview

  1. Make sure your phone or tablet has Android 4.1 or higher and at least 8GB of internal storage
  2. Install the Amazon AppStore app
  3. Open the AppStore, touch the Search icon, and enter "Monuments of Manhattan"
  4. Select, download and install the free Preview, or buy the complete 55-monument Videoguide
  5. Enjoy!

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Credits and contact info

  • Guides Who Know: Monuments of Manhattan
  • Written and narrated by Dianne Durante
  • Music and video by Richard Gleaves
  • Software and production by Adam Reed
  • Preview at Amazon app store[]
  • Complete Videoguide at Amazon app store[]
  • Media inquiries: 347-689-3065 or

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