Photo Permissions for Forgotten Delights Images

All the photographs on this website are copyright (c) Dianne L. Durante, unless noted otherwise.

Permission requests

Requests for permission to use these images should be sent to, with the subject line "permission request."


In the course of researching Manhattan's outdoor representational sculpture for the Forgotten Delights series of guidebooks, I've accumulated photographs of hundreds of other pieces, from many different angles, including details and complete figures. The easiest way to see what's currently on the site is to check out the Index to NYC Sculpture page.

If you're interested in a work that doesn't appear on this site, please inquire:


I can also supply a 5x7" photo of a favorite sculpture for $10, including postage within the U.S. If the photo appears on this site, let me know which one it is. If it's a work that isn't discussed on this site, ask me - I probably have several photos of it. Buy a dozen and march them up your stairwell. (Yes, I will give you a discount if you buy that many.) Fill up your foyer. Give yourself something to look at while you brush your teeth. Send inquiries to with the subject line "print query."