The Upward Glance Screensavers

If your favorite way of relaxing is finding examples of beauty, innovation, elegance, creativity, or technical competence, then the Upward Glance screensavers will delight you.

Upward Glance NY front

Upward Glance NY back


New York

The Upward Glance New York Screensaver includes over 1,500 photos taken in New York City and nearby, ranging from skylines to pedestal clocks, from phalanxes of skyscrapers to brownstone facades, from Central Park scenes to sailboats in Suffolk County. Watching it for a few moments when you're not pounding the computer keys is a mini-vacation, wherever you live, and a great souvenir of New York.

If you prefer to look only at particular places or types of buildings, you can narrow down the images in a matter of minutes by choosing specific folders.


Upward Glance Chicago front

Upward Glance Chicago back

The Upward Glance Chicago Screensaver includes 200 high-resolution photos of Chicago, mostly the architecture in the Loop and Michigan Avenue.


Installation is simple: just copy the photos to a folder on your hard drive (800 MB for New York, 110 MB for Chicago) and set that folder as your screensaver.


The Upward Glance screensavers are $15 each. To order, email .